Looking for a job? We’re looking for teammates!

We process and analyze data - over a million requests per day and growing rapidly. We currently write in Go and Java (Apache Beam). We use Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker and many other tools. Git, tests, code review and infrastructure monitoring are not foreign to us.

We are at an early stage of development - this means that we do not have perfectly arranged processes (yet) and many things will have to be improved.

We are looking for someone who wants to build interesting products with a team with high ambitions. We know that our technological stack is quite niche, which is why we expect mainly a great willingness to learn and an open mind.

It’s an onsite full-time job. 2-5k PLN netto per month.

Send an e-mail titled “That sounds interesting. Tell me more!” to PaweĊ‚ @ ph@datainq.com.
No CV needed.